Just for First time Fathers

Just for First time Fathers

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  • Mp3 child birth preparation talk just for you:

    • In the 1970s, fathers to be were encouraged to be the birth support or birth coach during child birth. Now fathers to be are socially required to be the child birth coach. Has anyone taught you the child birth skills so you can really help a woman giving birth? The Pink Kit Method gives you the child birth tool kit to be an excellent child birth coach. for a first time father, child birth is about becoming a father for the first time. Giving birth is not exclusive to pregnant women.
    • The Pink Kit is the tool kit for first fathers-to-be ... practical, easy to use child birth skills and just plan common sense so you can teach yourself. Remember first time fathers to be have the same body as the pregnant woman, so these are easy child birth skills to 'get.'
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