Private Consultation (The Pink Kit Consultation)

Private Consultation (The Pink Kit Consultation)

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Wintergreen is the Director and Founder of Common Knowledge, a New Zealand registered Charitable Trust. In the early 1970s she evolved The Pink Kit skills with ordinary families from very diverse ethnic backgrounds and many faith-based. She travels the world promoting a Skills-based approach to all pregnancies and every birth on behalf of the tens of thousands of Pink Kit families who absolutely know the importance of being a skilled birthing family.

She is now offering private consultations for families working through The Pink Kit.

Schedule one today.

  • Session can be held by skype, email or phone call.
  • Each session for 75$ is approximately one hour.
  • Wintergreen will answer any questions you have about working through The PInk Kit based on your own needs.

Wintergreen has 40+ years developing and evolving these skills with families Whether you are planning a non-laboring Caesarean or unassisted birth alone ... and every type in between you'll learn how to use these birth and coaching skills in whatever birth you experience.

You must have The Pink Kit and be working through it.

My job is to give you the extra focus based on your own unique needs.

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