Just for women who experienced trauma from giving birth

Just for women who experienced trauma from giving birth

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Mp3 child birth preparation talk just for you:

  • If you are a mother who has experienced any type of child birth trauma from giving birth (TABS), then you need this child birth CD.

  • We all know TABS healing (trauma after birth syndrome) can be dificult and take a long time after giving birth.

  • Instead of enjoying our newborn baby and the excitement of being a parent, we can be filled with birth sadness, anger, frustration and grief from our birth trauma (TABS).

  • Give as a mother with birth trauma (TABS) a gift and use The Pink Kit to help in the healing process whether you plan on having another child or not. You deserve to heal.

  • Many mothers have been traumatized over the years before The Pink Kit childbirth preparation video and book were available. Many more mothers will experience birth trauma without The Pink Kit Method.

  • Much of The Pink Kit Method pregnancy exercises, pregnancy information, pregnancy guide, child birth video and birth book evolved from our birth trauma and how mothers healed their birth trauma (TABS).

  • We can prevent or reduce birth trauma to ourselves and our children. It is essential, vital, important and necessary for all pregnant women to go into child birth with both good child birth skills for ourselves AND good birth coach skills for our birth partners.

  • Our child birth statistics show that when a mother to be teaches themselves The Pink Kit Method, they self reduce the incidence of birth trauma (TABS).

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