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  • What is included in The Pink Kit
    Visual component ... eight unique skills-based segments to prepare your pregnant body.
    2 Audio components ... skills to prepare your baby’s birth passage and skills to work
    through your baby’s birth journey.
    Written component … 40 PDF eBooks in eight skills-based Topics
  • 2014 Pink Kit Research shows promising results
    A skills based childbirth approach (using the PK) is currently being examined in a
    MIXED design research study incorporating a between groups randomized control
    trial alongside a within-groups analysis. Early tentative results are promising,
    giving support to the effectiveness of using the Pink Kit to prepare for labour and
    birth for both mother-to-be and her partner.
    We will update with details as they become available.

Our Story


Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method® is the only skills-based childbirth preparation resource developed by hundreds of fathers and mothers and now used by tens of thousands of Pink Kit families over the past 40 years. The Pink Kit is leading a global Movement for a Skills-based Childbirth approach for all pregnancies and every birth’.

  • "‘My daughter and son-in-law learned The Pink Kit skills. My daughter gave birth to her first baby who was directly posterior and weighed over 11 pounds. From start to stop it was about 6 hours with no tears and about 6 contractions for him to be delivered. She told me she had done the Internal massage for 5 months because she thought he’d be big!’ ”
    - Dave
  • "I’m the presenter on the DVD, one of the Trustees to Common Knowledge Trust, a woman of depth faith and proudly have 3 out of 4 Pink Kit babies. Why are these skills so vital? Because they are all about our human shared body which means we can take the skills into our faith and culture with ease. The true meaning of ‘choice’ in childbirth is how you use each inhalation to open inside your pelvis and each exhalation to soften around the inside of your pelvis’. ”
    - Keri
  • "I was the translator for Wintergreen while in Pakistan. We traveled to many rural villages and she shared these amazing birth preparation skills with hundreds of local women. All the women want resources of these skills. One Muslim woman said ‘These skills are worth one hundred million rupees.”
    - Pakistan Doctor
  • ‘After developing Birthing Better Pink Kit over a 12 year period with hundreds of families, I gave birth to my 8 week premature baby in hospital in the early 1980s. I had a clear choice … either be passive to all the medical care I would receive in an unfamiliar hospital far from my home or use the skills so many families had showed me were effective. I behaved skilfully and this SET THE STAGE for how all the birth carers treated me. We worked together around all the monitoring, assessments and procedures they felt were necessary. They had never seen a woman totally birth her baby on her own! Do these skills work? Absolutely … in every birth and situation. I continue to be committed to growing a skilled birthing population’.
    - Wintergreen

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